The Range of Services Captain

Transport Offers

The trucking industry has always been the savior of people living far and wide. Just like every other trucking company, we have also committed to bringing all kinds of goods people want, even in the extreme weather and the harshest winds. Even during the pandemic, when everyone was left prisoned inside their homes, our team took the risk and worked tirelessly to bring essential goods to the nearby stores that you probably use. 

Our team works 24×7, be it the driver or the manager. We have 22 trucks and over 20 trailers that we use to transfer things all around Canada. 

What can we offer you?

Our company offers a multitude of miscellaneous freight transportation services to customers all over Canada. Here is a detailed description of what we can offer-


This one is obvious; our team has a long list of drivers who can deliver your things on time. No uncertainty or distance can stop them from doing their work. We are one of the best companies offering transportation services at really affordable prices. You can also choose from different offers you want available at different starting prices.


We have Super B Flat division decks that make a coast to coast transportation easier than ever. Our specialization ranges from all kinds of flatbed works that make transportation a fast process. Apart from that, we also have roll traps and curtain side trailers that can haul over-dimensional loads. Additionally, we are also a well-known company offering tandem and tridem trailers.

Dry van

This service is quite popular while transporting fragile or delicate things that can possibly get damaged transported in a normal truck. We know how much attachment you feel with the most delicate things. While transporting, we make sure they don’t get a single scratch or lose their value. Therefore, by offering dry van transportation, we bring your things to the destination safe and sound. To ensure extra safety, we recommend you choose this facility.

Temperature controlled

There are hundreds of things that require a specific temperature. In normal transportation, temperature management isn’t possible. Most of the food items of beverages need a specific temperature. Over years, we have successfully utilized temperature-controlled transportation in sending food items safely to their respective destinations.

Easy shipping

We also partner with other trucking companies that meet our standards. In this way, we are able to ship goods easily all over the country, especially at the time of bulk orders. 

Expedited service

Our company also delivers expedited parcels that require speedy delivery all over Canada. Our trucks carry the parcels safely and cause zero damage to the products. This is why everyone loves our expedited services.

Try us!

Our team is an ever-determined troop that takes the trucking business very seriously. We deliver everything successfully without fail, and we will continue our legacy in the future. With the different services we offer, we have gained the trust of thousands of people across Canada. We are the first choice of people who want transportation services with zero damage. Over the years, our team has gained momentum because of consistent determination and quality maintenance.

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